Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Siren Song

I am spending a few days visiting Mimi the Parental Unit.

Do you know what I am spending the most amount of time on while I am here? Is it hanging around with Mimi, Pilot Man and The Chef?

Is it helping get some things cleaned out and done around The Old Homestead (TOH)?

No, none of that.

What I am spending a large amount of time and a great deal of my limited brain power on is........

Making sure that Max the Magnificent doesn't empty the cat's food bowl on an hourly basis.

My nephew, Austin, has a wonderful sweet lovely kitty kat named Chinese Food, ChiFoo for short. When Max and ChiFoo first met, back in November, there was some hissing on the part of ChiFoo and hope on the part of Max that ChiFoo would perhaps, maybe like him.

Hope springs eternal with Max. And is dashed on a daily basis.

ChiFoo has given absolutely no indication that she will ever love or like or even tolerate Max.

You know, maybe I should revise that. They can be in the same room together, as the above picture indicates, but ChiFoo still hisses when Max walks by. ChiFoo does sneak in a "courtesy butt sniff" when Max isn't looking but when face to face it is all hissing and I hate you.

Where was I on this ramble though dog/cat realtions?

Oh yes, the cat food.

SO, back in November when Max and ChiFoo first met, Max had absolutely no idea that down in the basement there were little nuggest of goodness in the form of a bowl of cat food just waiting for him to partake. And then my niece brought her dog, Wrigley, to TOH for the Thanksgiving holiday. Wrigley went strait to the basement, Max in tow and found the cat food and consumed everything that was in the bowl, then chased the cat all around the basement and up the stairs. After that it was pet craziness for the rest of the Thanksgiving holiday.

We won't even discuss the Great Dark Meat Turkey Caper.

And during that short span of time Max the Magnificent, who has above canine intelligence, made a note of the fact that when the cat was in residence at TOH there might......



Be cat food in the little cat bowl in the basement.

And that darn dog is SO SNEAKY. He knows that he isn't supposed to go down there and steal ChiFoo's food. I will make him lie down by me and he will be there for a time, just waiting. And when he thinks that your attention is now on something else and not on him..... he slowly gets up, looks at you, assess the situation, quietly walks to the basement stairs and descends to see if there are treats.

It doesn't matter if I tell him NO! It doesn't matter if I follow quietly downstairs and catch him in the act. He KNOWS that he isn't supposed to eat the cat food. It just doesn't matter that he is not supposed to.

The siren call of cat food treats is too strong for him to resist.

That poor cat is going to die of starvation before I get home on Thursday.



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