Thursday, January 2, 2014

If At First You Don’t Succeed

Start over and hope that nobody notices.

I am going to give the old 365 photos project another try. I had high hopes last year.

I was out of the gate like the hare….

I was sprinting towards the goal. I am really not built to be a sprinter.

And then we sold our house.

And then we bought another house.

And then we married off a daughter.

And then we packed up the contents of our house.

And then we moved.

And ALL of those things happened in the space of EIGHT short weeks.

It was not the year to start or complete a 365 photos project. Oh I took a boat load of photos but the project just died on the vine in the heat of the crazy summer.

But hope springs eternal and so I am going to have another go at it. I am feeling more relaxed about the entire thing….I think. Just as I am feeling more relaxed about being a photographer. I am trying to grab the joy.

BUT, I am changing how I present the photos to you. I am not going to put them up as separate blog posts. It just takes too much time. I will put them up on the “365 in 2014” page but if you want to see them all in the best possible way…..that is if I remember to complete this project….. go over to Flickr. I will definitely be uploading the photos there.

Day 2 - Waiting for Spring

But I will give you today’s photo just to get the whole thing started. It is snowing today….

Can you tell?

Just remember, as the year goes on the link below will be where I am putting all the 365 photos….that is if I actually have 365 of them.

365 in 2014 on Flickr


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