Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fractals Bustin’ Out All Over

How warm is it where you are today?

Here at Chez Knit, in the Frozen Northeast Ohio, this was the temperature when I arose this morning from my warm and toasty bed…….

2014-01-28 05.54.40

Yes, that is correct. It was –11F when I put on my boots and sweatshirt and parka and gloves and hat and took Max the Magnificent out to “do his business”.

I walked out and took a deep breath….and my nose hairs froze…..which reminded me of all the years growing up when I would go to the grocery store with Mimi the Parental Unit just so that I could wander over to the freezer section, open up one of the doors, stick my head in, take a deep breath…and feel my nose hairs freeze.

It didn’t take much to keep me happy in those days.

But I digress….and you didn’t even realize it.

SO, I have to explain that when we go to bed every night I take about 30 seconds and close the shades that are in the living room and dining room. Some of those windows look right into our bedroom. It isn’t that I think that Sylvia next door is going to sit in her windows, binoculars up to her eyes, and spy on me. It just creeps me out to have those window shades up at night. Put them down at night, put them up in the morning.

One of the things that I have noticed is that if it is very cold outside, when I put the shades up in the morning there will be frost on the windows. The frost doesn’t stay around long once the shades are put up, the heat from inside the house melts them away. But for the minute or so after they are revealed they are beautiful.

And it occurred to me last night as I was contemplating what the temperature would be this morning.


If I was prepared I might be able to get a picture or two……

Fractals Everywhere

Oh my goodness they were beautiful. Feathery fronds. And they were gone in the blink of an eye. But beautiful while they lasted.

I am trying to find something, ANYTHING, that I can call beautiful in this wintery refrigerator that I am living in. And I am actually hoping for more frigid weather tonight so I can try some more fractal photography tomorrow morning.

Like I said, it doesn’t take much to make me happy.


  1. I've loved "frost flowers" since I was small. They are one of the few good parts of winter. The pics made me smile!


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