Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What Is With These BUGS!

You know, for the almost 13 years that I lived at OCK I didn’t feel like I was bombarded and under constant invasion by flying bugs. Oh sure, there were spiders.


And there were the occasional ants. Or perhaps something more unusual like a Walking Stick.

But for the most part it wasn’t all that bad. I was more crazed by the marauders from the woods deer and the occasional mouse who died in the depths of my basement.

We have only been here at Chez Knit for less than three months and already we have been under attack by Stink Bugs, one of which I found today…..and promptly sent into the sewer system.

And now!!!


They look like Lady Bugs but I can never tell because there is some other bug that LOOKS like a Lady Bug but isn’t.

Yesterday these things were no where in sight. And today, it looks like O’Hare airport on a Friday afternoon out there. They are literally in swarms, rising up from the grass and buzzing about and then landing on my windows and crawling all over.

Where did they all come from and why did they all decide that Wednesday, October 30th was the day to rise up and assault my house??

Gads! Bug invasion.



  1. Was it a warm day today? When we have a warm, sunny day in the fall the lady bugs swarm to our house like it's their mecca! They sneak into the cracks and stay for a warm, dry winter. I just don't have the heart to kill lady bugs, so I let them be. We find them dried up in our light fixtures or huddled together at the top of the stairs in a corner near the ceiling. However the stink bugs are a different story entirely. They, well, they stink! We have had a little problem with them last year and again this year. I think they want the same things the lady bugs want. It's just easier to be nicer to something called a 'lady bug' than a 'stink bug'!

  2. I'm glad that you appreciated. I enjoy sorting this stuff out and its nice when someone appreciates it.


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