Friday, October 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol 232)


Well here we are, another weekend in front of us. And the blather leading the way. You know what you must do. Once you have filled your blather tank you need to click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of the idiots who run Washington cashing their checks before we throw them ALL out, over to Conversion Diary to see what else is going on.

The day has dawned. The post is written. And with my blather you will be smitten.

I would guess that after yesterday I have cemented my “crazy photo lady” rep with my next door neighbor. I am sure that I was observed on the front tree lawn taking photos of the crabapple tree yesterday. I was reading in the living room and happened to look out the front window to see the sun was shining just right, the late afternoon light all soft and coming from just the perfect angle and illuminating the fruit on the tree.

So I grabbed Big Bertha and went out. You don’t hesitate when the light is right.

Fall Berries 1Fall Berries 2

I realized, after I had spent 20 minutes contemplating the tree and circling the tree and taking photos of the tree from different angles and kneeing on the ground to photograph from below….

That my neighbor was observing me from her front windows. And that she seemed to quickly close the shades.

Yup, the photographer next door is a bit “off”.

You will just have to live with it.

Christmas isn’t that far away folks!! And it seems just a bit closer because HHBL and I made reservations last night to spend a Christmas visiting Cartoon Girl in NYC.

Such excitement.

I may even make them walk down to Rockefeller Center so I can take photos of people ice skating. I can hear Cartoon Girl yelling, “NO!!!!!!!!” from all the way here in the Frozen Northeast Ohio. She is SUCH a New Yorker and views all tourists with disdain. That is why I like to dress and act like one when I am with her.

I am so mean.

And so excited. I wonder how much we can pack into three days (and one of those is Christmas)?

The flood of stink bugs seems to be slowing down, but hasn’t stopped. I did almost soil my shorts yesterday when I went to put up the shades in our bedroom and encountered one of those nasty things hanging out on the cord knob.

Thank goodness the windows were closed or else I am sure that the neighbors would have called the police upon hearing my blood curdling scream as I ran for a kleenex to grab the nasty thing.

He is now taking an eternal swim in the sewer system.

Many of his buddies have not made it into the house as there is a graveyard of dead Stink bug bodies littering the foundation of my house.

I seem to be slowly getting my photo mojo back. It took a severe hit this year for various reasons that will not be detailed here. And at one point I most frighteningly came to realize that I didn’t even want to pick up Big Bertha or Little Boy. I didn’t want to think about photos. I didn’t want to take photos. I didn’t want to edit photos. My photos were all crap compared to even someone with a point and shoot. Not to denigrate those with point and shoot cameras who take awesome pictures.

And sorry, I said crap.

But things are getting better. I am studying again. I am learning again.

Thank goodness.

It isn’t just wild and exotic animals that can be seen at the zoo.

Zoo cat 2Zoo cat

About 30 seconds after the second picture was taken she (or he) pounced forward and caught an appetizing meal.

And yes, I did try to get her with her yummy treat in mouth but she retreated into the underbrush.

It was the most violent thing we saw all day!

We keep no snacks in the house at the moment.

It is killing me.

I am sick of eating healthy.

I may have to go out today and buy something totally bad and wrong and highly processed.

I would tell you to stop me but I might do you bodily harm if you tried.

Potato chips here I come.
This came via my mom, who sends some cool things. Totally fascinating watch. LiveWriter (what I generally blog with) is being a poophead today about resizing so the video window is a bit small. But click on the link below the video and I should also take you right to Vimeo for larger viewing.


  1. Love your blog, love your photos, love your writing style. Are all Debbie's over 50?

    1. It was a popular name about the time that we were born.

    2. The crabapples are pretty. Are they any good to eat or cook with?


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