Thursday, October 17, 2013

An Uncooperative Yoda

I love taking photos of kids. If you have been hanging around here for even a bit of time then you are well aware of that. And this week my friend Heather, who happens to live only 7 short minutes from Chez Knit, asked if I would come and do a short photo shoot with her munchkins.

And when I say short…..I mean short.

Yoda was not cooperative.


Getting ready for our close ups. And in case you haven’t guessed….that is my boyfriend.

Who wouldn’t want a boyfriend who  is wearing Yoda ears.

P&G 4

Mom steps out. Awesome…..for about 5 seconds.

P&G 12P&G 13P&G 11

Excuse me. Could you take this please. I prefer not to wear it.

P&G 7

We managed it standing, although Yoda looks like he trying to Mind Meld mom.

P&G 14P&G 15P&G 16P&G 29

Then Yoda proceeds to walk off with Darth’s light saber, after Darth so kindly let Yoda look at it.

P&G 28

Darth felt that if Yoda was going to have the light saber then he might as well have the climate controlled hat as well.

P&G 33

Brotherly love? Or perhaps they still have issues to work out because of Star Wars Episode Three.

P&G internal 6

Yoda having his Greta Garbo moment….I vant to be alone!

P&G internal 7

And then he had to check out the sidewalk for a time.

P&G 21

But in the end Yoda and Darth decided to pose, ever so briefly.

P&G 17

OH be still my beating heart.


  1. Those may be the best Halloween photos ever! Yoda is certainly cute, and I love Darth's pose in the seventh picture. No snack size minis for these guys; they deserve full size candy bars in their treat bags!

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