Monday, January 2, 2012

The New Year Is Here!!! But I Am Not Done With 2011

In what has become my blogging habit I will spend the first blog of 2012 looking back at 2011.

I like to wrap up life in a nice, neat little package. And since I didn’t blog last week this is what you get. And it is Loooooooong.

Lets see……..

1. I got back on Hi Ho Silver my trusty bike and managed to ride a total of 289.58 miles. It wasn’t quite the 300 miles that I had hoped to log but then we did have a particularly rainy summer….and I was a tad rusty on the trusty bicycle.

2012 will hopefully be filled with more biking miles and more road kill reports. Being on a bike brings you so much closer to what is lying in the middle of the road.

2. I read 34,753 pages. That equals 109 books. 34 Non-Fiction, 74 Fiction.

Not too bad I must say. It seemed like the Year of Fiction which is unusual for me as I tend to lean toward history and other non-fiction stuff. But I am re-discovering my love of fiction. Who knows what will happen this year as I am spending more time reading on the ipad.

You know I will tell you eventually.

3. There was a bit of traveling done in 2011.


We spent some time in Tucson visiting Dapoo and Linda. There was sun and warmth. There was snow. There was a dog that got to lick the spoon every day. I played Scrabble for the first time in many years. There was that unfortunate Scrabble game in 1997 that nearly scared me for life.

IMG_2006A copyIMG_2269IMG_2319A

We traveled to NYC for the Quigg Family Reunion. 5 days full of food, family and fun. As well as strange pictures, subways, crowds and the occasional stop for ice cream.


We traveled to Virginia to attend the wedding of TSiL’s twin brother, The Future Doctor to the lovely School Marm. There was fun. There was laughter…..and there was that unfortunate Deb stepping on the wedding dress train and ripping it incident.

But we won’t talk about that.

4. There might have been a bit of knitting.
2011 SFS hat 1IMG_1318AIMG_1447IMG_2102AIMG_2416IMG_5265A

35+ projects in all. Numerous hats. A bunch of lace. 9 pairs of socks.

Remember, I knit so I do not kill.

5. There was…The Garden.

A year full of record breaking rain. A tomato hornworm infestation. Flowers galore. Obsessively laid out garden beds. Total zucchini failure and fresh lettuce galore.

So of course next year we are expanding our garden by adding a 20x20 foot plot.

We want to grow potatoes.

6. I actually claimed the title of professional photographer.


7 And finally…there might have been a picture or two of various things.







Cow Butts!

Who knows what might happen in 2012!!


  1. 2011 was truly a year filled with...well, so many things! I am mightily impressed by the number of socks knit, and especially by your new title of Professional Photographer. You are a fabulous photographer and I'm so happy for you!
    Happy New Year!

  2. I feel like I got to know you better this year than I got to know you when I knew you. So many fun times. Those caterpillars are still as disgusting today as they were when I first saw them, just so you know.


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