Monday, January 30, 2012

The Day Has Come

My baby is 21 years old today.


I cannot believe it. How can it be true. Where has the time gone.

When the progeny were little we would tell them that we had ordered a special box that we were going to stick them in so that they wouldn’t grow or age. It was in the mail and on it’s way we would tell them. For some reason they didn’t believe us. I cannot imagine why.

But today is the day that the last of the progeny, my Noodle Bug……My Benny Boo……My Noodie Poodie….she is 21 years old.

How did this happen?

Shoe Queen we are so proud of the woman that you have become, despite our occasionally miserable parenting.
You were born with a sunny and funny disposition and you have kept it.
Your drive, in all things, to be the best that you can be makes Dad and I so proud of you.
Your fashion sense is unique
You SHOES! Oh your SHOES!
The voices that you can come up with are amazing.
The fact that you love pickles makes me so very proud
You math skill which have come totally from your father.

I am going to get all emotional here and swamp my key board. Lets just take a look a some pictures shall we. One picture for each year.




Top-286 (rev 0)

1991_Summer(rev 0)

I am not sure if she is smiling or leaving me a present in her diaper

1992_sleeping (rev 0)

I am sorry but this is just one of my favorite pictures.

1993_Dad_and_Beth (rev 0)

1994_Dressing_Up_C (rev 0)

Already her fashion sense was in evidence.

1995_Cottage__1_-1(rev 0)

Who doesn’t wear patent leather Mary Janes and white socks to the 4th of July parade

1996_Beth_birthday(rev 0)

Stylishly dressed for her birthday party. And in her favorite purple dress too! She wore that dress EVERY Sunday until it fell apart. The ladies in the nursery didn’t know her name, they just knew her as The Girl In The Purple Dress.

1997_LHP___girls (rev 0)

Oh yes, they were all SOOOOOO happy that we made them wear the exact same dress.

image_13_2_2009-27(rev 0)

Shoe Queen and her cousin JMan.

image_7_9_2007-45(rev 0)

 One of my favorite pictures. What you don’t know is that Cartoon Girl is actually trying to squeeze the life out of Shoe Queen. Good Times.

2000_so_happy (rev 0)

Now THAT’S a happy bunch.

image_13_2_2009-48(rev 0)

Ah the glasses. And soon the braces. What we do to our children!

Top-135 (rev 0)

We are firm believers in ice cream at every opportunity.

Tiffany Battey,Beth Quigg,Elyse Morse, Leah Chalet

Shoe Queen turns 12. And I obviously have no idea how to take a picture yet.


A pickle on a stick? Why not, I am already nerdy.


River rafting with the cousins. We all needed ice cream after THAT experience.


You never know when we might break into show tunes here at Chez Knit.


IMG_0164You know, I think I have seen that look directed at me.

image 29-4-2009



Shoe Queen and Slim Jim. Aren’t they adorable.

So Benny Boo Noodle Bug Noodie Poodie. A big Happy Birthday from your weeping and distraught momma. Who wishes that you hadn’t grown up nearly so quickly but who is so proud of the person that you grew up to become.


Don’t leave me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Please lock that one of me eating the ice cream back in the vault. I don't need anyone knowing I looked like that :-P

  2. Happy birthday to your beautiful, beautiful girl!

  3. That is making me get all emotional - a reminder how quickly time flies by and snuggle my little ones up as much as I can.

  4. Great photos! Happy 21st birthday to Bethany :)


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