Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Popovers For Dinner Are Good For Me Right?

There are times when HHBL isn’t home for dinner. And on those nights I sometimes indulge myself with making something odd and specific for dinner.

Tonight it was popovers.

I have a strange and strong love for popovers. And when I have perfected the recipe I will tell you about it and show you how to make them.

But it is not this day.

This day I am just eating these light and eggy nuggets of sheer goodness.



With lots and lots of butter.


And a lovely, cold glass of Menage a Trois Chardonnay. The perfect compliment.


What? You mean I am not supposed to slather on butter to the point that it runs down my chin and onto my fingers?

What do you know? I had three of these pillows of perfection for dinner. They were FABULOUS.


  1. Oh, they look so good! Nice way to treat yourself!

  2. They look a lot like the English 'Yorkshire Puds'. Did you need a special pan to bake them in?

    1. The recipe would be very similar to Yorkshire Puds. You can buy a "popover" pan but I hate kitchen utensils that have only one purpose. So I just use a 12 muffin pan. The recipe makes 8 popovers. One of these days I will post the recipe and directions, not that they are difficult or anything cuz they aren't.

  3. Love popovers! Gotta make these soon . . . first I have to finish off my cravings for buttermilk biscuits.


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