Monday, November 17, 2008

Xena Princess Warrior

You might think that this is Xena Princess Warrior. Sure looks like her.

But you would be wrong on that point. OK, you would be right in one sense but in our family that isn't Xena Princess Warrior.......this is
Isn't she a beauty. What, you have a problem with a one eyed, 11 year old Boston Terrier? You don't like dogs or something? You have something against dogs who sound like they are having a continuous asthma attack even though they are just breathing normally. You have issues with a dog who, when she is sleeping on the couch resembles a miniature version of a pig at the fair? Well fine, be that way.
I really wish that I could take my favorite Xena Princess Warrior! (you have to say the whole name all at once) home with me but she belongs to the in-laws and I think I might have to have a fight to the death with the FIL if I attempted to sneak her back to Ohio. Oh well, that just means that I will have to come out and visit her more often. I mean, who is going to wash my face for me at a moments notice if I don't have Xena Princess Warrior! around to do it for me.


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