Sunday, July 20, 2008


I am in a quandary and I am not quite sure what to do at this point. Ever since I can remember, I have watched the Olympics. I count down the days until the Opening Ceremonies and I mourn when the last broadcast is done. I love the Olympics.

However, I am not sure how much of this Summer Games I will watch. The more I read about China, the repression of Christians there, the draconian measures they are taking before the Olympics start and a myriad other issues I am torn. I know that watching supports our athletes who train hard for many years to compete. But, watching also give approval to China and what they are doing. I am not sure that the one doesn't out way the other.

Many are now dubbing the games the "no fun" Olympics because of all the restrictions. Last week it was reported that even banner supporting athletes will not be allowed. People who have tickets to attend different events are now having trouble obtaining visas to get into the country.

Just as a side note, President Bush SHOULD NOT, I repeat, SHOULD NOT be going to the open ceremonies. That I can tell you.

I will let you know if I watch, which may be a limited amount. I am participating in the Hat Dash hat knitting over on Ravelry for the Ravelympics so I will be participating in some way. I am just not sure.


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