Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm on vacation!!

Yes, I (and the rest of the happy family) are on vacation for the next week. Dear readers I will not leave you hanging, never fear (all 5 of you). "The Cottage" has internet access so you won't be rid of me that easily. We will be resting and relaxing by the lake or in the nice AIR CONDITIONED cottage when it is hot (like today). I am sure that you will be subjected to at least one post where I reminisce about the cottage and all the years that we have spent here. But that is not today. Today I just recover from the 6 hour drive with all of us, and the luggage, and 5 computer bags and the dog stuffed in the Subaru Tribeca. It wasn't too bad, just a tad tight. I also did all the driving due to the DH's broken right ankle. We arrived safe and sound, unloaded, I made the first of many trips to the grocery store and then had time to sneak in a nap. Lovely.

Bye for now.


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