Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Mom and I had thought to go to the grocery store yesterday morning (we go to the grocery store ALOT) but Dad came up and told us that they were putting together a house down at the North end and we needed to see it. So, we hopped on the golf cart and toodled up to the North end.

They indeed were constructing a house and it was a very interesting process. Late last week they had trucked in the three separate parts of the house and left them, on their wheels up at the far North End. Early this morning a VERY large crane came along the road that we all use to get to the North Side cottages.
This was such a cool process to watch. The different pieces of the house come totally prepared even down to the carpet already being installed and the chandelier in the living room in place

They lifted piece one up, turned it 180 degrees and carefully put it in place on the foundation. We weren't sure what they were going to do about the roof. We thought that they might just construct it from scratch after the had all the basic pieces in place. What was amazing was that when the first piece of the house was in place they climbed up to the roof area and just lifted the first half of the roof up. It was already built and just tilted up. Cool!

While they were putting up the roof the crane operator was lifting, rotating and setting in place the second part of the house. This crane operator was an absolute master. The second part of the house was actually lifted into place at an angle so that it could be put in place correctly.

The final part of the house was the kitchen wing that went on the back. The kitchen was already prepared including all the appliances. The fellow for whom the house it being made told me that they are hoping for occupancy in 4-6 weeks.


  1. I take it you never made it to the grocery store?? :)

  2. Nope, we never made it yesterday. However, today we managed to go to not one but TWO grocery stores to make up for the lack yesterday.

  3. What fun!! And I mean that. I love buying "vacation food"! All the stuff I normally would say no to at home. Mercifully, when I give my girls their own cart, the stuff they pick out is usually 50/50; healthy vs. unhealthy.


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