Saturday, May 3, 2008

Technology Vs The Way I Used to Do It.

I am all for technology, let us make that clear right off the bat lest any of you think I am going all "Amish". I love technology. I may not be as technologically savy as my 21 year old but I still love it. Where would I be without my digital camera or my computer.

That being said, there are times when I come to the realization that technology is not making me more efficient and cost saving. Sometimes it is wasting more time and money then doing it the "old fashioned way". A few years ago I was very into my electronic PDA. I was sure that this would be the perfect thing for me. However, I found that it was more of a hassle to power the thing up to change an appointment, it was very awkward when shopping (I am very much a "list" person) and it was a pain to sync up. So I went back to a paper "daytimer" and I have been happy ever since.

For a year now I have been using a computer program called "Living Cookbook" to store all my recipes. A good friend of mine has all her recipes stored on her computer and I had long been fascinated by the whole process. So, I did some research on line and finally ordered this program. Then I spent MANY hours inputting all my recipes (and there are a lot). I gave myself a year to see how the program worked and if it worked for me. Well the year is up and..........

I am going back to the old way of doing things. I found that whenever I wanted a recipe I had to open up the program and then print out the recipe and then transport it to the kitchen. I tried not to use my recipe box so that I would have the full experience. I found it very time consuming to pull up the program and a waster of paper and ink to print out recipes that I used frequently.

So, as of today I am using my old recipe box that my father refinished for me when I got married almost 23 years ago. The top is missing, it is dinged in places but it works just fine. I must say that I may still type out any new recipes and then put them in the box (I type faster than I can write) but it is the old way for me.


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