Monday, May 12, 2008

My Weapon is finished!

Dear victim. I have finished my weapon. The socks are done and will be on their way to Bellevue, Washington tomorrow.

I have some slight guilt at killing you off but as we all know. All is fair in war and sock knitting.

I will admit to having a hard time with this pattern. This isn't the yarn that I started out with. If you had asked me on Friday night if I was having fun I would have answered with an emphatic, "NO!!!". I had ripped sock #1 out three times by 9p. I wasn't a happy camper. But the sun came out on Saturday and I soldiered on like the good warrior that I am and I finished sock #2 at 5p this afternoon. They are ready to come to your house. I hope you enjoy them.

Now if I can just hold on for a little while longer. Perhaps kill off someone else. Of course if my assassin has sent my socks in the mail then it will be all over for me.

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