Thursday, May 15, 2008

Car Dieting

I paid $3.75/gallon for gas on Tuesday. On Wednesday it was up to #3.89/gallon. I still remember the days when I thought paying .50/gallon was a rip off (I sounded like an old geezer there for a moment). With the high price of gas in mind, I have begun to go on what I am referring to as a "Car diet".

I really hadn't thought about it in that way until I read this post at Cafe Mama. I know that now I think about every trip that I take in my trusty Subaru. If I can combine trips I do. I think about the flow of the trip, making my driving as efficient as possible. I don't hop in the car to run to Heinens for that one ingredient that I forgot, I substitute. I wish that it was possible to hop on my bike to do my errands but that isn't practical where I live (and I am a tad lazy in that regard). We really live a 10-20 minute drive from just about anything so I need to be organized about trips out. Organization isn't a problem for me.

I think that it is most likely a good thing that I like to be home. I never have to worry that I don't have enough things to do at home. There are never enough hours in the day to get all my stuff done. So, I am on a car diet. Trying to see how long I can go between fill-ups. Of course, there are times when I go a little further afield but I am trying to limit those.


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