Thursday, May 8, 2008

I am ready

I am ready. The yarn is wound, the pointy sticks stand in readiness. My ipod has multiple audiobooks just waiting for me..... Sock Wars III is upon me. Tomorrow at 12p GMT I will receive, via email, my secret dossier of my intended target.

This may be the one time when I allow myself a cup of actual, totally caffeine filled coffee. I am going to need my strength and mental acuity (no comments from the peanut gallery please) to at least make it out of the first days. Of course I can't just sit and knit all day. I have to take youngest progeny to the Travel Clinic for multiple shots and then go to a meeting in the evening. However, all those things are "knit friendly" so I will have my pointy sticks and sock with me.

There are 1300 of us from around the world killing, I mean competing, for the prize of ultimate Sock warrior. May the best woman (OK there are a few men participating too) win.

Knit, knit like the wind..............

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  1. When I was gainfully employed, it was said "He's pretty handy with needle and thread." However, knitting of sox is way above my pay grade.


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