Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Grandfather' Son

My Grandfather' Son

Thomas, Clarence

Knitting Sticks: an enthusiastic 5!!

This was an amazingly good book. One that I would recommend to anyone. Go out and find it and read it.

For so many people the only thing they know about Clarence Thomas is that he was accused of some awful things by Anita Hill. I would guess, if you asked, most people would not know the least think about who Clarence Thomas really is, where he came from and the things that he had to endure to get to the place where he is now. All they know is "Anita Hill" and that is sad. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is the kind of man that should be the roll model for young black men but unfortunately isn't. His life, his striving to do the best job with every job, his taking the time to think through issues rather than reacting with emotions only is something that we should all emulate.


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