Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Taking It Back To Old School

You know how it is when you get a new piece of technology. You want to make it fit into every corner of your life and take over all those “old style” tasks just because it can.

You know you do this so don’t be shaking your head and looking the other way as you stuff your smart phone or tablet down in between the cushions of the couch.

When iPadfoot came into my life I had him take over all sorts of tasks. Note taking. Reading. Journaling. Occasionally blogging. Bible reading. I still use him for all of these things. But…I am going back to old school on one particular item.

2014-11-03 07.26.18

This is my bible. I have had it for many years, over 20 at least although I cannot really tell you when I bought it. I can tell you that it was after HHBL and I were married. And I can tell you where I purchased it. But not when. When I purchased it really doesn’t matter, what matters is the fact that in many places in my “old school” bible, there are notes in the margins. And I can look at a particular passage and know if I have heard a pastor speak on that particular portion of the bible as I always made a note of it. And my memory verses are underlined. It is a precious thing to me.

Recently I realized that I really wanted/needed to start using my old school bible again. I always take notes on iPadfoot when I am at church, it is just easier that way, but for everything else at home I am going back to old school. I have missed my notes bringing further illumination. I have missed seeing which pastors have preached on which passages. I have missed my old friend. Every time I turn the pages and hear that familiar rustling it just makes me happy. It also reminds me of my growing up years when if the pastor went a minute over 12 noon on a Sunday the pages of Bibles started rustling, just to remind him to wrap it up.

But that is for another blog post I think.

Sometimes going back to old school is a good thing.


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sometimes the old ways really are the best, especially if they involve precious things and old friends.

  3. Yes, there is nothing like the feeling of printed paper--especially the bible--beneath one's fingertips!

  4. So that's what all the rustling was for? :) I love my old friend. What makes me even happier is that Sophie's asked if she can have it when she's older.

  5. is it bad that I don't even know what iPadfoot is??


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