Thursday, May 15, 2014

WTF! And That Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does.

We all know that I love my little Chez Knit. I say “little” but really, it is medium sized compared to OCK.

But I digress…and so early in the post!

I love everything about it…..

Except the white tile floor that is in the kitchen and laundry room. If the person who made the “let’s put white tile down in the kitchen just as if we lived in Florida” decision were standing in front of me right now….just before I dope slapped them….I would say….


Anyone who has ever had a white tile floor will understand my pain. Even Charlie Brown’s friend, Pig Pen, doesn’t collect as much dirt and dust as this floor does. You come in the garage, you step into the house and walk right onto the white tile floor, or as I have begun to call it in my own mind, WTF!, bringing the dust and grime and dirt of a thousand nations into my kitchen.

And then there is the dog and the dog hair and the muddy dog prints and the polydogethane that he lays down as he laboriously licks my floor. Max the Magnificent sneezes in the other room and the dog hair wafts gently through the air and lands on that WTF! And I can see each and every speck of that hair as well as all the bits of detritus that lands on the WTF!

Some day I hope to be able to kick the WTF! to the curb and put in something easily cleanable, maybe beaten earth, and NOT WHITE. But it occurs to me that this will not mean that my floor will be any cleaner. The dirt will still be tracked in by human and dog alike. The stink bugs will still crawl out and try to attack me. The soft boiled egg that slipped out of my hand and exploded on the WTF! will still have to be cleaned up from that seam between the floor and the base of the cabinet.

I just won’t be able to SEE how dirty my floor is.

I can live with that. Out of sight, out of mind.


  1. There are self-cleaning ovens, and self-defrosting refrigerators and freezers, so I keep hoping for a self-cleaning kitchen floor. Maybe the previous owners wore those blue surgical booties over their shoes?

  2. I'd bypass the self cleaning floor and head straight for the self cleaning house! Besides, according to the TV shows I grew up with, we were all supposed to have live-in housekeepers... Where's my Alice?


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