Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day 2014 In My Little Town

HHBL and I are learning the rhythms of our little town. What happens when and where.

Yesterday was Memorial Day. Can I just say that I couldn’t love it more that we could exit Chez Knit and make a 7 minute walk and get a place to stand and watch the parade. No leaving the house 90 minutes before the parade in order to get a parking spot and a good spot to watch the people go by. Nope, out the garage door, put the garage down, walk out the development, take a left, walk down the hill, cross the street and bang, we were done.


Lets see what we saw, shall we, in my little town.


Bake sale! We did not partake…but I thought about it.


Lots of people brought their dogs. That is a thought next year, to bring Max the Magnificent. There was a lot of courtesy sniffing going on!


Oh THANK YOU  sir for positioning your video equipment RIGHT in my line of photography. Thank you so, so much.


Lots of standing and cheering as the flags went by.

And then it was on to the annual throwing of the candy into the street JUST out of the range of the children so that they need to run and get it.


Often this was reminiscent of a congregation of alligators going for that last piece of unsuspecting tourist.

Why is it called a congregation of alligators? Is there a pastor alligator? A board of elder alligators? An alligator choir singing hymns, perhaps?

But I digress.


The high school mascot. Now THAT is a job that is coveted on a hot and sultry day.


I love a good marching band. Maybe it is because I played in one during Jr. Hi and High School. And for some reason I am always fascinated by the footwear as they go by.

We won’t dwell on that too much.


“He gave me a WED bawoon! Wed is my favewetist cowwer!”


Egads! Young man why are you doing that in the middle of the street? And where, for the love of all that is holy and padded, are your safety mats! And could you just hold that mid flip so that I can get my camera ready?


Look Ma! No breaks. No, literally. That bike has no breaks. He would pedal for a bit and then drag his feet along the pavement to stop. Maybe we should just call this the Fred Flintstone Flyer.


It is always good for dad to wear cargo pants with extra pockets. This guy kept telling his little girls that there was no more room for candy. And there wasn’t…..in these pockets. They just started filling up other places.

And speaking of his little girls…….


Parade? What parade? I just want to take pictures of all the kids. So stinkin’ cute.


See what I mean! So stinkin’ cute!

And after it was all done and we walked the 7 minutes home and spent a bit of time doing this and that we got to go and participate in the joyous wedding of these two crazy kids!

2014-05-26 18.37.25

All in all it was a very good day.

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  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time!!! Kids are always so stinking cute. :-). Beautiful wedding photo too!! Congrats to the bride and groom!


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