Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl By the Numbers

1. I am still walking through a fog today due to the after affects of the annual Super Bowl extravaganza at LaurenLeap and The Tech Guy’s house.

2. I took exactly four iPhone pictures before I descended into food madness. And…..I didn’t even BRING Big Bertha with me. I knew she just needed to stay home.2014-02-02 17.19.40

The stuffed mushrooms that I brought, just waiting to be heated in the oven.2014-02-02 18.15.40

Cheese fondue! Oh be still (possibly literally) m palpitating heart. I suppose we should have waited for the other guests before we started sampling from the pot…….

But we didn’t.2014-02-02 18.21.56

Add another ale to my growing taste collection.
2014-02-02 18.46.55

Let the Foodapalooza begin! This picture only gives you a SMALL idea of what we had to eat. What you cannot see is the salad, the stuffed mushrooms, the Jana’s Doo Dads, the potato skins, various other dishes and later on…... the chocolate fondue.

And after this picture I just put the iPhone away, opened my mouth and started shoveling stuff in.

3. Oh Payton. I feel so bad for you. And to be perfectly honest, I am not sure what team was wearing the Denver Broncos uniforms but it certainly wasn’t the team that sent the Patriots home for the year. I really dislike Super Bowl games that are a blow out. It is much more fun to have a closely played game that comes down to the last seconds to decide.

Last night was not that game.

4. Today I got up and remembered why I have pretty much banished certain foods from my life. We don’t keep any kinds of chips or crackers here at Chez Knit because if the bag is open, I am going to shove the chips in my cavernous maw. And then I am going to feel sluggish and yucky. That would describe me to a tee today. And also the fact that this morning I woke up and it felt like I had spent 3 months in the Sahara desert.


5. The best commercial of the night…….


Or perhaps the Jaguar commercial with Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong.

I would like Mark Strong to just do my voice mail greeting for my phone. Seriously!!

6. Whose brilliant, and I am saying that with HEAVY SARCASM, idea was it to mess up a perfectly fabulous Bruno Mars performance by introducing The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Good Golly.

7. I am trying to detox today with things like green tea and a smoothie made with my homemade yogurt and frozen fruit.

And perhaps about a gallon of coffee.

8. Man I hope I feel better tomorrow.

9. I am glad that we do this only once a year.

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  1. I am soooo with you with the super bowl stuff. I'm not a huge Bruno Mars fan, but he did GREAT! The Red Hot Chili Peppers are okay, but they did not belong together. Hope you get over your Super Bowl food hangover soon! Oh - been reading about your home brewing kit. Reminds me of my Mom telling my about my grandfather 'trying' to brew his own beer when she was a kid. The bottles were in the basement and after sometime the lids started popping off on their own and it was total chaos! Hope that doesn't happen to you. :)


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