Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Perfect Thing To Go With Curling

This year, in the spirit of The Yarn Harlot’s original Knitting Olympics, I am working to finish a project that I cast on shortly before the start of the actual games.

It is going to be a stretch to get it finished.

I am going to have to knit hard.

Stay focused.

Watch endless ends of Curling.

And as is my way, it is a project that deviates from the pattern as written. Heaven forbid that I just do the pattern as written, right? What sock pattern have I ever left truly and utterly alone.

I am making it sound like I got out graph paper and pencil and reworked the entire pattern. That is very far from the truth. I looked at a boat load of the already finished projects on Ravelry (this pattern is actually written as a really long scarf), thought about all the sock yarn in the stash and decided that I would just make the whole thing bigger and badder and…..

It is going to be so freaking AWESOME.

2014-02-09 14.44.01

This is actually the wrong side of the wrap. And I have to tell you that I love it. LoveLoveLoveLove. What is not to love about a project where BOTH sides are just so utterly pleasing. I can hardly wait to finish this thing. And that is why I might just actually get it done before the closing ceremonies. I get up in the morning and want to race through what I have to do so I can sit down and knock out a row. I am finding the linen stitch to be completely hypnotic in it’s working. 600 stitches PER ROW. Row after row after row after row. Each row taking around 20 minutes to finish. With fringe forming at the ends. I am not all that fond of fringe on knitted things (that is an understatement) but with this Rainbow Wrap of Awesomeness, it is going to be just so “right”.

Back to knitting.

I cannot stop myself.


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