Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Puppy Breath

I fell in love yesterday.

You are asking yourself, right about now,


No fears. I love him too. I love him loads. I love him more that coffee AND yarn.

I was working yesterday, taking headshots for a group of college students. We were all done. The students had scattered back to class or practice or who knows where. I was just sitting around talking with the Deloitte and Touche reps about this and that…….

And then the head of the grounds crew came into the room. And in his arms was snuggled…..

Silver Lab 1



I am sorry but I just melted on the spot. A 9 week old, Silver Lab.

9 weeks old means PUPPY BREATH!!!

And ears so soft that you just want to roll around on them.

And eyes that speak the knowledge of a thousand lives.

OK, maybe not that last one but really this little thing had the most soulful eyes on a puppy that I have ever seen. And even as we all stood around and cooed and ahhhhed and fell in love, he gave a big yawn…..

And fell asleep.

If I had been able to figure out a way to not get caught I would have just laid that little puppy right in my spacious camera bag and slunk out.

2013-02-13 08.25.33

Alpha you cannot possibly mean that.

Yes, yes I could. But I didn’t think I was going to be able to wrestle that puppy out of his owners arms.

But I thought about it.


  1. What a beautiful puppy! Stand down Max! I love his face in that picture. :)

  2. I've never seen a silver lab before. He's beautiful. I'm not a dog person and I think I would have found a way to make off with him too.

  3. What a face - on both of them! If I lived anywhere east of the Rockies I would let you borrow Chucky. He has those soft ears and still doesn't have big dog breath, even at three years old. And you would give him back quickly after he exhausted you (plus shed hair all over the place) and then you would hug the dickens out of dear calm Max!


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