Tuesday, November 5, 2013

One Or The Other It Seems

In the wise words of The Knitmore Girls.

I can be smart, or I can be pretty.

Smart being just what it implies. And I am usually that.

But sometimes I am pretty, which in this instance is the opposite of smart.

Today was a pretty day.

I needed to do some banking tomorrow. I need to make a deposit and it happens to be a bit of cash. In order to do that I actually have to fill out a deposit slip. That doesn’t seem all that difficult does it.

Well, it is when I have to do it. You see, several YEARS ago my bank went through an acquisition and name change. That meant that we all got new account numbers. And the implications was that we all needed to purchase new checks to go with those new numbers. Of course we could use up the checks that we had, I was assured. But I had just purchased an entire BOX of checks and I didn’t want to purchase more. The bank already makes money off of me and they don’t need any more thankyouverymuch. I use very few checks, working mostly on a cash or credit card system, mostly cash. And since the whole bank name change and new account number switch over I have had GREAT difficulty remembering the new number. So I wrote it down in a special place where no one would find it…….

Not even me evidently.

It was coded in a special place in the iPhone and somewhere else. And evidently I hid it so well in my office that it is still hiding and ALSO my iPhone ate the place where it was stored there.

So that meant I had to call the bank and talk to not one but TWO very nice and by the sound of their voices very young men who had to walk me through the process of finding my number.

Like I said, pretty not smart day.

And my guess is tonight those young gentlemen are going to go out for an after work beer and have a very good chuckle at the OBVIOUSLY pretty but not smart woman who cannot even remember her own bank account number and hasn’t ordered check and therefore doesn’t have preprinted deposit slips.

I need a beer.

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  1. With everything so automated I also rarely need deposit slips or checks nowadays. I also find I don't need envelopes/stamps so much these days either. I'm still deciding if that is a good or bad thing.


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