Saturday, November 9, 2013

I Gotta Be Me

I hate having my picture taken. Loath it actually. Perhaps that is why I am much more comfortable on the other side of the lens.

But today……

I had to practice some lighting. I have a job this week that will require lighting skills, and I needed practice. Yes, I could has HHBL to sit for these. He will be modeling for me later in the day, after his bike ride. But I wanted to set up the lights and at least experiment.

And the only person to experiment on was myself. And in the interest of always being an open book I will just put these out there, fat face, neck wattle, double chin, crazy hair and all.

Self Portrait 1Self Portrait 2Self Portrait 3Self Portrait 4Self Portrait 5Self Portrait trueSelf Portrait wattleSelf Portrait laughSelf Portrait silly 1

Hopefully by Thursday I will have the head shot lighting basics down. And then the good Lord only knows where I will go.

And if you had to ask me which of these lovelies that I actually like……..

It would be #1.


  1. I LOVE THESE! I think #1 is awesome. And um your hair, we rarely get to see it, I love your hair!

  2. Like you, I hate to have my picture taken, too. Tramp 1 and I managed to be the only people that are not in the pictures taken at our family reunion! And yes, picture #1 is really nice!


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