Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It Was Inevitable

It has snowed.


Not like we all didn’t know that it would happen. It is hard to avoid snow when you live in the Frozen Northeast Ohio. I will admit that I am hoping for a tad bit less of the white stuff since we have moved to the “south” side of Cleveland. But I had TWO people gleefully tell me last week that Brecksville often has it’s own little snow belt happening in the winter. All I can say to those people is….


Thank goodness the first snowfall here at new Chez Knit was a beautiful fairy wonderland that will melt quickly.


I know I missed blogging yesterday which makes two days in November (or maybe more, I am afraid to count). I am a NaBloPoMo failure this year. My only excuse was that I was on the phone quite a bit yesterday and the txt msgs were flying every which way and it just wasn’t going to happen. Other family concerns sucked up the small amount of brain bandwidth that I produce on any given day.

And can I say that it shouldn’t take an illness in the family to be the impetus for me to actually talk to a cousin on the phone.

HI KRIS!!!!!

Now off to a wedding….on a Tuesday….in the middle of the afternoon.

I love people who think outside the box!

And who get married at the Cleveland Botanical Garden.


  1. I love shooting in the snow. We only get one or two opportunities a year here in Texas however. Stay warm.

  2. Oh when I lived in Dallas it was awful when it snowed. No one knew how to drive!!!


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