Monday, November 4, 2013

Baby Toes

I recently decided to throw my old camera, with Nifty Fifty lens attached, into my purse to go with me wherever I went.

Well, I didn’t actually “throw” it in but you know what I mean.

I always have the iPhone with me to be sure but the urge to take a picture often overtakes me and I want something with a bit more range to it. And my old camera body and extra 50mm lens have just been sitting in my camera bag and not getting any use. The camera body is a 4 year old Canon Rebel Xsi (450D) and isn’t worth all that much on the market anymore but I didn’t want it to just gather dust. I have taken some pretty fabulous pictures with it and it has a lot of life left in it…..So into the bag it went, to be ready when that overpowering urge struck.

Baby Toes-1

Baby Toes

Like this morning.

I am not sure that there are too many things that are more sweet than baby toes.


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