Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Am SO Going To Do This

So, I have spent WAY too much time this afternoon searching for something on the internet.

Something I saw a while ago in the New York Times Home and Garden section.

I read that section and I read the Obituaries. I am not sure what that says about me and I don’t think that I am going to spend a boat load of time analyzing it thankyouverymuch.

So some time ago I read a story about a Brooklyn residence. That much I did remember. But of course this was before Pinterest so I had no way to actually mark the article and more specifically a picture that was in the article. A picture that just spoke to me.

It said:

You must do this. You must make these. You know you want to.

And that was as far as it got. I didn’t have the picture. I didn’t remember what the name of the article was. And besides, it was long enough ago that if I wanted to see the article now NYTimes would make me PAY to see it.

Not gonna do it.

But thanks to the internet I have found the picture that I wanted to remember. I knew that someone else would have mentioned it some where some time and I was right. I just had to go to about a million other websites and blogs to find it.

And I have now pinned it so I won’t forget to do it.

However, I must wait until winter.

Mismatched mitten idea

I am so going to start picking up stray mittens that have been lost. For whatever reason these framed mittens speak to me.

Must. Do. This.

I so love Pinterest.


  1. I agree. Those pictures are amazing. I think I have one or two that size I can send you (with the blondies) if you'd like. Use if you want; dispose if you don't.

  2. Well, now! We'll have to organize a huge mitten swap! Those are so cool! And sweet.

  3. What a great idea! Except the stray gloves and mittens we have left over in our house usually have the thumb bitten off lovingly by a dog or are filthy.


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