Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Edit, Edit, Edit, Edit.

Sorry the posting is light today.

Like nonexistent Deb.

Well, I have wedding photos that need to be finished by tomorrow. And I am behind and I hate that. I should have had these done last week. And we are meeting with the newlyweds tomorrow night. And I have had some computer issues today.

I had to restrain myself from drop kicking Bessie. That isn’t too good for a computer they tell me.

I will give you just a taste of some of the pictures. And I will be back tomorrow….

I hope.


Oh yeah, and the blindingly red car that was in the background of some of the outdoor shots?

That is what the cloning tool is for.

Oh how I love digital photography.


  1. I love the cloning tool. The pictures are fantastic, Deb. You RAW girl, you.

  2. These are beautiful! Where have I been? I didn't know you were flitting about and taking wedding photos! You are a woman of many talents ;) Awesomeness! -Tammy

  3. Beautiful pictures!

    (Yes, I'm back...gotta love silent reading time!)

  4. What a beautiful day!! and girls!


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