Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is your birthday mom (I won't mention the actual number). Below you will find a video that represents a round about gift for you. The video is not too long, only 7 minutes or so but you will understand when you view it how much we love you....and how much we loved Grandpa Pringle. Any inaccuracies in history are just my limited recollections of events.


  1. A great speech for what sounds like a great man.

    (Oh, and happy birthday Deb's mom!!)

  2. Grandpa P. was wonderful and I miss him every day.

  3. Thanks for making me cry in the SVA library, Mom.

    I wish that I had known Grandpa Pringle better. He was a wonderful guy.

    Happy Birthday, Mimi!!


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