Friday, June 12, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Vol 25) The Other Graduation Addition

One of these days I will stop doing these "themed" quick takes. But I still have several more in me and this is one of them. Be sure to go over to Conversion Diary and check out the rest of the "Quick Takers" to see what we have all been doing.

Our youngest progeny graduated from high school on Sunday. I can hardly believe that we are finally done with that phase of life. We have been very blessed to be able to have all three girls at CVCA. It has had it's ups and downs as any school does, but they have received an excellent and rigorous education. Now it is on to college.

We were treated to an opening song by this young man who is a friend of Bethany's. The guy sings like Josh Groban (which I already knew) AND he sang one of my favorite Josh Groban songs, "You Raise Me Up". Who needs to pay tons of money to see Josh Groban when I can have Forbes sing the same thing. When he was done I wanted him to sing it all over again....but that wasn't in the program so no go. Sigh.

This is the largest class that CVCA has ever graduated, 168 students. They will be going all over the country to various schools and military academies. Loads of scholarships and loads of talent. 78 of the kids graduated with honors and 24 maintained a 4.0 or higher GPA throughout their high school career (Beth was one of those). This was also the 40th year that they have had a graduating class.

Singing praise and worship songs at the end of the graduation ceremony. Most of these kids went on a missions trip to the Dominican Republic last year where they all say their lives were permanently changed. It has been awesome to see I can tell you.

Hurrah!! They are finished. This group will also be leaving this week to participate in the National Forensics League Tournament. In case you missed it, here is my explanation of what we mean by the term "forensic". Don't be thinking dead bodies, be thinking speech and debate.

The daughter and the boyfriend. Aren't they cute!

And so we are smiling as we think about no more high school, and monthly tuition and......oh yeah, now there is college tuition. Never mind.


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