Friday, June 5, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Vol 24) The Garden Addition

Here we are again friends, Friday has rolled around and I am posting a Quick Takes. I perhaps may be in a rut with the different "additions" but I like that rut so will stay there for a while. So here is my 7 Quick Takes: The Garden Addition. Be sure to go over to Conversion Diary to check out the rest of the "quick takers".

This is the back garden and I love it. It is my place of peace and serenity at the end of the day. It is also the place where I work out frustration through weeding. I am one of those people who actually likes to pull weeds.

Morning is an excellent time to be in the garden. It is so quiet and peaceful and damp and just excellent.

I have written before about my love for clematis. You can find that post here. The Nellie Moser clematis is almost done blooming and this one is next. All the vines (there are 8 of them) have staggered bloom times and lengths. That way I get clematis joy for much of the growing season.

Can you tell that I sort of have a "thing" for hostas too. I am not sure how many different varieties I have, I stopped counting after 20. I don't know what it is about hostas that make me just so darn happy. That is until the deer start to munch on them. It is the hostas that cause so much work in the garden because I have to spray them with stinky stuff so the deer won't eat them.

You never know when you will find a cat in the garden, or a gnome for that matter but I didn't take any pictures of those. We do have a feral cat that inhabits the woods and we occasionally see her/him zooming this way and that. I welcome her presence unless she starts eating the birdies.

Of course, all is not rosy sunshine all the time. This is why I hate deer, because they can't seem to stay where they are supposed to ....IN THE WOODS. They insist on coming into my yard and eating things. This just has to stop!

Of course, quirky things can be found in my garden. I love the old work boot that is filled with hen and chickens. There is a toad that lives just beyond it in the shadow of the hosta and there may be a mouse building a nest in the boot itself, I am not sure.

Have a wonderful week all and take the time to sit in your own garden and contemplate all the beauty that the Lord has given us.


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