Friday, June 19, 2009

7 Quick Takes (Vol 26)

Oh how the time does fly and here we are again for Friday and 7 Quick Takes. Remember to click on the picture above to go over and see what the other "Quick Takers" are doing.

Summer is upon us but it certainly hasn't been all that warm I can tell you. I know that it isn't officially summer yet but close enough. I miss the summers when the girls were little. The last day of school was great and then it was three months of fairly unstructured time. They played outside, we went and did stuff, I tried not to get mad enough at them to kill them. Ah the good old days. Now everyone is gone for the summer or a portion of the summer and it isn't the same. But then that is just a part of life.

Just a very short political rant. Um...if GWB was still president, or if we had a president who had a spine and didn't have a severe need to "be liked" by one and all, do you think that North Korea would be rattling their nuclear saber at us. I don't think so. President Obama can't seem to make a strong statement about anything. Strong statement on all that is happening in Iran...nope. Strong statement on North Korea....nope. Oh I feel safe with the new Hope and Change!

This year is the bi-annual family reunion for my husbands family. This is a crazy bunch of people I can tell you and I love going and spending time with them. We will have family from all over (NYC, Virginia, Ohio, Texas, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii, Tennessee, Arizona, Maryland and other states that I can't remember) gather for 5 or so days of doing stuff together and eating more than our fair share of food and just generally having fun. The family used to get together infrequently but then in 1997, at an impromptu gathering in Hawaii, we all decided that we like it so much that we would gather every other year. It is a time to catch up with everyone and just hang and have fun.

I am finding that the more time I spend on the computer the less ability I have to sit down and read for long stretches of time without getting distracted. Now some of that might be because I am an adult (generally) and just have more things that need to get done and so less time to just sit and read. But, I think that part of it really is that when you are on the computer and flitting from one thing to another eventually your brain gets "re-wired" so to speak and you just can't concentrate for longer periods of time. I see the same thing happen when I watch too much TV. So, I am trying to spend less time just wandering the internet and more time in the pages of a book.

So I finally got to go to one of Dan's baseball games this season and all I could think was, "Oh please don't let him slide and break something!" I think it will take some time for me not to cringe every time he goes sliding into second base!

There seems to be another racoon who is visiting my feeders. That will have to be taken care of soon I can tell you. It doesn't give me pleasure, or too much pleasure, but it is what it is. I have a long way to go before I can reach the bar set by my father in the deracooning of the woods but a girl has to have something to strive for!

I am out of things to say so I will say good by until next week.


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