Tuesday, February 17, 2009

They Are Loathsome Yet I Cannot Look Away

Oh, I have neglected you my little blog. I am so sorry but the blog muse has been visiting somewhere else, Hawaii perhaps, and I have been voiceless and therefore blogless. I grovel. I also digress, which seems to happen frequently.

Do you have any TV shows that you watch that you know are worthless pieces of fluff but you just can't stop yourself? Come on now, you know that you do. It is just us, you can tell me. Oh, you want me to tell you first? Well, I guess that would work. If you are sure that you don't mind me going first. OK.

Well, I don't watch a tremendous amount of TV, I just seem to have other things to do. I don't watch "American Idol" or "Desperate Housewives" or "Battlestar Galactica" or "The Office". I just don't. If I watch TV you will usually find me watching something on Turner Classic Movies or the History Channel or The Learning Channel. I like to learn things so sue me. I love Masterpiece Theater and that kind of stuff.

But..........and I hang my head in shame to say this.......there are several shows that I absolutely love but know that I shouldn't. They really aren't my kind of thing, which runs more towards "How It's Made" or "Trauma: Life in the ER". My current favorite trashy show to watch is......"The Housewives of Orange County" or it's East coast equivalent "The House Wives of New York City". There, I have said it and I feel better (slightly dirty but better). I know that they are fluff and I know that they are stupid and I JUST DON'T CARE! It may be because I look at these women and go, "How stupid can you be? How shallow can you be? Oh, THAT shallow and stupid!" Do I like these show because they show how glamorous and wonderful it is to spend money like a drunken sailor on shore leave? Do I like them because these women don't seem to mind airing their often dirty and salacious laundry to all of the rest of us? No, it is because watching these shows are like watching a train wreck or some other disaster. It is loathsome and yet I cannot look away.

Before these shows I am sorry to say that my dirty little secret was "The Girls Next Door" (you know, Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends). That didn't last long though cuz I just don't have the stomach for the kind of idiocy that is shown in a woman who would be the girlfriend of a man who has other girlfriends living in the same house and is freakishly OLD and wrinkled. "Let's all be friends and cohabitate with the same guy." Yech!

Before Hugh and the girls it was "The Osbournes". Now, I think that show really should be a must viewing for any person who thinks that doing drugs and alcohol is cool and won't do lasting harm. Ozzy Osbourne is a poster child for scrambled brains. And the kids aren't much better.

So, I will continue to watch all that high brow stuff that I watch. All that stuff on TLC or the History Channel or Discovery Channel. I will expand my mind and be able to blow the doors in Jeopardy! But, I will still watch "The Housewives of Orange County" because, you know, the brain has to be on autopilot some time doesn't it? Hey, it's Tuesday! That means that "The Housewives of Orange County" AND "The Housewives of New York City" are on. YES!


  1. This is so funny. My admission will be.... I not only watch "American Idol," but also "The Biggest Loser." And they're on at the same time, which means I also have to admit that I actually tape one so I can see them both every Tuesday. I'll be thinking of you tonight, watching your "trash" while I'm watching mine. :)

  2. We can be "trash buddies". I will admit that I have watched "The Biggest Loser" once or twice.


    Seriously, you're killing me here. Do you know what it's like knowing that the best show on television only has five episodes left and I can't get more people to watch it?

    Pretty please and I will be your best friend.

  4. I love ER and I don't think Trauma: Life in the Er is trashy at all--love it too. I watch city confindential and I love weather shows.


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