Monday, February 9, 2009

I am What I Have Eaten.

I suppose that opening phrase sounds like I am going to write some tome on how I regret something that I ate. I am sure that I could do that after what I consumed the other night at Buffalo Wild Wings but that is not what I meant by "I am What I Have Eaten". No, what I meant by that phrase is our food memories, what we loved and hated growing up in some way make us what we are (in my case a tad overweight).

What brought this strange phrase to my mind? Well, they were these lovely beauties.
What are THOSE you might be asking yourself, if you don't know the answer already. Well, these yummy little puffs of eggy goodness are popovers. And these are what got me thinking. You see, I made popovers for the first time this week. In fact I made them twice this week I liked them so much. It isn't that I haven't ever had them before, it is that my grandmother used to make them for me.

So, I decided to do a list of "I am" pertaining to food. A silly thing I know but you know me, I really like silly. I think that it is a very good exercise to do, to think of the things that you ate as a child that made memories for you as an adult.

I am Popovers: because I ate them first at the Cosmos Club in the company of my Uncle Kenneth. And my grandma learned how much I loved them so she learned how to make them so that she could make them for me.
I am Pickles: I grew up eating pickles of all descriptions. If it could be pickled then Grandma Pringle pickled it. Dill pickles, sweet pickles, watermelon rind pickles. I love pickles today because she loved them.
I am Pot Roast on Sundays: we ate at Grandma and Grandpa Pringle's house on Sundays alot and we almost always had pot roast. I make it the same way today and that first taste puts me right back at the table.
I am a hater of Liver and Onions: Mom made this once a month. I ate it once a month. I hated it every day of the year. Enough said.
I am Apple Pie: There is no one who could make apple pie like my Grandma Pringle. I use the same pie crust and filling recipe but it doesn't taste the same. But I love it.
I am Iceberg Lettuce: When we would visit Grandma and Grandpa Amsler she always made sure that she had a head of lettuce all washed and ready for me when I walked in the door.
I am raw Green Beans: Grandpa let me pick and eat them right out of the garden. That went for the tomatoes too.
I am Liverwurst sandwiches with sweet pickles and mayo: Stop that gagging, I know you are. There is nothing better than on of these sandwiches. I want one right now.
I am Kellogg's Concentrate Cereal: Kellogg discontinued this cereal long ago. Oh how I wish they hadn't. Little flakes of sweet goodness that when married with milk and blueberries make a perfect breakfast.
I am saltines with butter on them: this is what my mom always made me when I was sick in bed. They just scream comfort to me.
I am hot tea with sugar and milk: This is the way I drink my hot tea even though I drink coffee black. This is the way my mom fixed it for me when I was growing up.

I am sure that there are a bazillion other things that I could put on this list but then you would wander away to do something else. Put your mind to it and do your own list. It is fun.


  1. Ah . . . and therein lieth a paradox. Love of liverwurst, but hatred of liver & onions?

    But how can this be?

  2. I am SO gonna do this. Sometime. Soon (??). Maybe for next week's 7Quick Takes. I love your list! What great and warm memories you have!

  3. I know! The thought of liver makes me gag but the thought of liverwurst makes me drool.That doesn't extend to all "wursts" as you well know. How can we forget milzwurst.


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