Friday, February 27, 2009

7 Quick takes (Vol12)

Where does the time go each week? Here it is Friday and 7 Quick Takes has come around again. I just didn't believe my mother when she said that time flies when you get older. Well I guess in the ONE instance she was right. Go on over to Conversion Diary and check out all the other weekly entries.

Do you ever consider that some of the things that we buy and think are so convenient really aren't and are actually costing us money. Case in point, tuna in those "convenient" pouches. Now, first off I have to tell you that I only bought those things because 1. they were on sale at the grocery store and 2. I had a coupon to make the deal even better. I haven't ever bought them before and I don't intend to buy them again but what the heck, just once won't hurt. So, I bought two of them and got the third one for free. If it is "free" it is always a good deal, right? So, I open one yesterday to make tuna fish salad for lunch and let me tell you, those pouches of tuna that are so convenient are also a great big rip off. There is barely enough tuna in one of those things for a very skimpy sandwich, and I even put chopped up celery in the mix just to give it a tad more bulk. The cost for one of those pouches is almost twice what a regular can of tuna is at Walmart and held only about a third of the tuna in one of those cans. Rip off! Sorry, I just had to vent there. It just makes me sad to think of all the people who are buying those things thinking that they are convenient and getting ripped off in the process.

I don't mean to be critical, well I suppose I do actually. When I am at the grocery store I just want to tell all the people who are buying "convenience items" that they aren't doing themselves any favors, really they aren't. I do understand that many women work outside the home and I am sure that they think that the prepared lasagna (just for illustration purposes) saves them time and money. But studies are now showing that those convenience main dish items (and other items as well) don't save you money and don't save you a lot of time. The studies find that people who buy those items tend to then put more food items on the table at a meal, thereby spending more money and as a side "benefit" ingesting more calories, salt and fat. And besides, those things just aren't good for you no matter what the packaging says. AND they just don't taste good. Cooking from scratch isn't difficult people. You don't need to produce a bechamel sauce every day (although those are EASY to do).

OK, done with the rant. On to the next topic. This probably could have been an entire post on it's own and it may be when I think it through some more.

Look what is coming up in the back garden. Two days of above 40F weather and things start appearing. I just want to lean down and tell these someday lovely daffodils that it is WAY too early for them to be sticking their heads out to see what the world is like. I love daffodils and look forward to their arrival every spring. I also love tulips but you won't see any of those in my gardens. No, planting tulips in my neck of the woods is like ringing the dinner bell for the local deer population. They just snap the heads off right before they bloom. Grrrrrrrr.

I am off today to spend almost two days scrapbooking with a bunch of crazy friends. I can hardly wait! Who knew that 6 years ago, when I asked my friend Esther what scrapbooking was I would become involved with these wonderful, cultish women who speak of cropping and journaling and creatively chronicling your life. I just wanted to know what it was, I wasn't looking to be assimilated into the collective mind (sort of like the Borg only without all the implants). I have spent many hours this week and last getting ready, I am all organized and should be able to produce an album, that is 45 pages ladies, by tomorrow night. I may not have all the journaling done but you never know. I will let you know next week how it went and I may even post a picture if I am so inclined.

This is the time of year when I start looking outside and yearing to work in my gardens. I can smell spring in the air, it is almost here. Yes I know that the ground will be way to wet for a long time to come and there will undoubtedly be more snow fall but I just can't help it. I love working in the garden. The only thing lacking in these particular gardens is vegetables. I just don't have enough sustained sunlight to manage it, believe me I have tried. I used to have a large garden at my previous house and produced more tomatoes, beans, zucchini and other veggies then we knew what to do with. But not here. However, I can indulge my obsession with clematis and hostas. Come spring come so that I can dig in the dirt and weed and genereally enjoy growing things. I can sit out in the back garden in the late afternoon or early evening and just enjoy the sounds of nature.

Hmmmmmm, a new study says that taking that horse pill, I mean multi-vitamin every morning might not be helping my health one bit. Can I stop now because I really don't like taking them at all. I haven't felt any more "healthy" since I started taking them. I eat a lot of fruits and veggies anyways and I don't sit around and eat bon bons, well most days I don't. Something to think about.

Did you watch the Oscars last Sunday night? I didn't watch any of it and I can tell you that I didn't feel any great lack in my life. No rip in the time space continuum because I didn't spend three hours (or more perhaps) watching over paid, under talented people pat themselves on their collective backs. Not a nice thing to say I know but it is what it is. I also hadn't seen most of the movies that were being honored and it just didn't matter to me. We keep saying that we need to get out to see "Slumdog Millionaire" but it doesn't happen. We did see "Gran Torino" and thought it was great, at least I did. I guess we also saw "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and were seriously underwhelmed by the whole thing. Am I the only person in the world who thinks that Brad Pitt has little acting ability and only one facial expression. I digress. I didn't watch the Oscars, I watched the Cleveland Cavaliers win yet another basketball game and I had a much better time I am sure.

Went to my local yarn shop yesterday, or as I like to call it the "Yarn Candy Store" and of course, spent twice as much as I had intended and I only bought TWO things. I did have a gift certificate to spend but still, I spent money I hadn't really intended to. That must be why I try to stay out of there unless it is absolutely necessary. And really, it shouldn't be necessary at all because my stash is growing faster than I can knit and I really do have all the needles that any one person could possibly need.......maybe. Repeat after me Deb, "You must not go into The Knit Shop, You must not go into The Knit Shop." I don't think that is going to work. Oh well. The one good thing about the visit, OK other than the cool sock yarn that I purchased, was that I met TWO women who are on Ravelry. TWO, that is so cool. A mother and daughter, the daughter lives in the next town north of me. Of course we exchanged info and are now friends on Ravelry. If you are a knitter you really should be on Ravelry. The best place in the world.

and an unofficial #8: today is the birthday of one of my favorite songwriters/performers, Johnny Cash. The man who sang one of my favorite songs......."A Boy Named Sue". Here you are Dad, just for you.


  1. Thanks so much for the comment! I came over to read your 7 takes and have a few comments of my own.

    1. EXACTLY!!!! One of the problems with convenience is that people don't know how to cook without them. As much as I love my hubby and he is a great cook, he can't make a cream gravy without a mix. Yes, it is a tiny smidge easier to just add water to a packet and stir, but the homemade tastes so much better and is really not that hard.

    Then there are all the chemicals. My daughter learned to make french bread and it uses 4 ingredients, but the list of ingredients of store-bought french bread is much longer (and it doesn't last as long).

    Ok, I will give you back your soapbox now.

    7. If Brad Pitt used different facial expressions he would age faster! Hee hee. He is only one in a long list of "Hollywood Heart Throbs" that I would ignore in favor of watching paint dry.

  2. Deb . . . thanks for the Johnny Cash video. As you know, this video clip was taken from a concert given by Johnny Cash at San Quentin Prison in 1969. Read the Wikipedia article for more details

    You can see San Quentin Prison in the distance driving north out of San Francisco on Hwy #101 toward the wine country of Napa - Sonoma, CA.


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