Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sitting Down at the Table

As I posted here, I love sitting down at the table with my family. It is important, that being together and talking. Getting to know what has happened during the day, getting to know each other. Being at the table for a meal is also a time of healing and a deepening of our knowing each other.

But, I was struck recently that it is the same thing when we sit down at the Lord's table. Some of us partake in communion every Sunday, some once a month. But never think that partaking in communion is just one of those things that you sometimes do, because it isn't. Communion is sitting at the table with the Lord, our Father, our Daddy. It is a reminder of Jesus body that was broken and his blood that was spilled so that our relationship with God could be repaired. So that we can come to the table and get to know our Lord and Savior on a deeper, personal, family level.

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  1. Lovely post Debbie :)

    I love the act of communion with the Lord and His people too, and sometimes I see it non-physical way... i.e. breaking bread (as the Lord's body), is like breaking open the Word (Jesus is the Word, is the Bread), and we partake of it. Such as, gathering with our husband, children or close family and talking about the Word together... that is breaking bread also.

    Thanks for posting on a beautiful subject... communion with our Lord :)


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