Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Year Anniversary

Wow, how the time has flown. How can it be that one year ago today my little blog and I started going together. She was such a little thing, so small and fragile. Now look at her, she is "strong like bull" (said with a slightly odd Eastern European accent).

I have enjoyed the experience a whole lot more than I ever anticipated. I have met some "internet friends" who bring me laughs. I have had a forum in which to bore all the rest of you with my slightly whacky thoughts and memories. I have had a place to spout my political rantings. The dog is thankful that I have a place to talk about politics. The hubby says that when I talk politics at the dinner table I get a certain "tone" in my voice and the dog gets up quietly and goes to hide in his crate. I don't know he is talking about, just because all the people in Washington (with the exception of a few like Tom Coburn) are idiots! Ehem, sorry about that.

So, now I enter a second year of throwing words out in the blogosphere. Thanks Al Gore for inventing it. Perhaps you could go back to tinkering with those kinds of things and then we wouldn't have to deal with all your global warming hysteria.

Digression again sorry.

Who knows what I might talk about this year. I have a whole list of things that I am thinking about. You will just have to see.

Happy Anniversary to meeeeeeee
Happy Anniversary to meeeeeeee
Happy Anniversary little blooooooooooooooog
Happy Anniversary to meeeeeeee

Break out the champagne and chocolate!

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