Thursday, October 2, 2008

Are you registered to vote?

I have embeded this particular video, not because I care in the slightest about any of the Hollywood "stars" involved but because the core message is one I am passionate about. I would think that all of the actors involved will vote the exact opposite from myself come November 4th but what they are telling you, that you need to register to vote, is something that we can say we have in common.


It is easy to register, you can go to the library and fill out the paperwork. One page, that is all that it takes. You don't have to go into the city to some office. It isn't difficult to do. If you are 18 or older you can and should be registered. There is no excuse in my mind not to do it. No excuse.

But, registering to vote is only the first step. You must then exercise this right to vote. You need to know the issues in the country, state, city. It doesn't take as much time as you might think and it is important. Your local paper is often a great place to find different summaries of the issues and the people who are running for different offices. Just take the time to look. If you need a website, then one of the best places I know is Project Vote Smart. They lay everything out in a non-partisan way.

Then, once you are registered and you have taken some time to educate yourself about the people running and the issues then you need to go and vote. Don't give me any excuses about how you don't have the time, the line is too long, the weather was bad, you just forgot. None of those is valid. You need to get off your kiester and vote. If you know that you aren't going to be in town on the day you are to vote, or if you know that you can't get to your poling place then get an absentee ballot. That is how I voted in my first election, by absentee.

If you aren't registered then you still have time to do it. Today is Oct 2. In most states the deadline to register to vote is October 4th so you have time TODAY to go out and do that. DO IT.

If you don't vote and then decide that you are going to complain about how things turned out or what is happening in the country then don't come complaining to me. When people complain to me about their elected officials or the issues the first thing that I ask is, "Did you vote in the last election?" If the answer is no then I don't want to talk to you about it. You have no right to complain about something that you couldn't be bothered to participate in.

Remember this, that in so many places on this planet people DON'T have this privilege. They long to be able to say yes or no to the men and women running their country or town or village. You have that right. Don't squander it.

Remember also that when you vote you honor the men and women who have fought and died for your right to do so. You also honor those men and women who currently serve, both here and on the frontlines, who fight so that you are safe at home.

Just a small disclaimer. There is some "bleeped" language in the video, just so that you know. Also, know that I personally vote in a Conservative way and I would venture to guess none of these people do but again the basic message is one that I strongly believe in.

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  1. I saw that video too, being broadcast during a daytime television show that I'm sure they weren't expecting someone like me to be watching. (What can I say? I was sick, lying on the couch channel-surfing!) I loved that they wanted us to send it to 5+ friends. GOOD idea -- I will! (Putting it on your blog is even one step better!)


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