Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Perseid Meteor Shower

Well, we were up at the very early hour of 4a to catch some of the Perseid Meteor shower. When I say we I mean only some of the members of the family, namely the two children who are currently at home (21, 17) and myself. The hubby was still sleeping.

We did see some meteors but not as many as the last time we watched "the show". NASA tells me that at it's peak we should have been able to see one or two every minute and we didn't see nearly that many. We did see some and that is always excellent however, our house sits in the middle of the woods and so we don't have a complete view of the sky. We stationed ourselves out on the driveway and made sure all the outside lights had been turned off and that helped. But the best part was just being outside doing something with the girls, trying to be quiet, worrying about all the noises that we kept hearing in the woods. We were trying to be quiet not because we were worried about waking up the cute little forest animals but because the windows were open and we didn't want to wake up dad.

So, we were outside for about 40 minutes and did see some shooting stars. But I have to tell you that the woods are really creepy at night. There wasn't any wind so you could hear things rustling in the leaves and weird bugs making noises and the deer passing by and who knows what else. We tried not to think about it and just have fun.


  1. Just received 3 new books, which can be passed along to DAQ eventually:

    "Traffic: why we drive the way we do" by Tom Vanderbilt

    "When the Guillotine Fell" by Jeremy Mercer

    "The Steel Wave" by Jeff Shaara



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