Saturday, August 30, 2008

Friday Night Lights

Ah, what better way to spend a Friday evening in the Fall (or nearly Fall) than attending a local high school football game.

In some ways all high school football games look the same. The stands are filled with the adults, parents who have a child on the team, die hard fans who come to all the games. The kids rarely sit in the stands. They are all congregated off to the side, talking and socializing but RARELY paying that much attention to the game.

My favorite part of the whole process is the marching bands. That is most likely because I was one of those kids during high school and I know how much work they put into the performances. I have a great appreciation for a solid marching band and both these schools did a great job.

Of course, I would never go anywhere without the knitting and here is proof of that. I am working on a pair of socks for Socks for Soldiers and I wanted to get several more inches done. I did watch the game faithfully for the first quarter and then monitored it for the second while I was knitting. I didn't have to be looking at the field to know what was happening because "Mr. Big Mouth fan", who was sitting right behind us, made sure that ALL of us in the stands knew exactly what was happening and what he thought about it.


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