Monday, August 11, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn
Meyer, Stephanie

Knitting Sticks: 4

I have to say right off the bat that vampire stories really aren't my usual cup of tea. Yes, I loved Dracula but that is about the only book of that kind that I have loved. So, when my friend Mary Lyn kept raving about Twilight and telling me that she loved it and that I had to read it I finally gave in. I didn't expect to like it, I certainly didn't expect to love it. I didn't expect that I would blow through the first book, all 544 pages of it, in just 24 hours (less if you count the fact that I had to sleep during that time). I was hooked. I blew through New Moon (book 2) and Eclipse (book 3) with decadent haste. And then I had to wait......I had to wait for 6 months for the last installment. What would happen with Bella and Edward and Jacob. Would Bella and Edward get married? Would Bella convince Edward to turn her? What about the Volturi? Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Well, this book certainly answered all those questions and more. I am not going to tell you here what happened. There were tons of surprises and "oh my gosh" moments that kept me on my toes. You will just have to read for yourself. Just know that it is worth your time and effort to do so. I have given it only 4 Knitting Sticks because, yes it was a great book but it wasn't as good as Twilight. I am still in conflict over how I feel about Bella, she was so selfish at times. I am sure that I will read it again, I think that I have to because I read it so quickly the first time.


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