Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mother Nature, You Are A Dead Woman

Currently, this is the temperature here at Chez Knit. There are windows open and the house smells like Spring. The birdies are cheeping and there is not a breath of wind.

The calm before the storm.

And this is what is supposed to happen tomorrow....

6-10 inches of snow PLUS a glaze of ice. How lovely (said with HEAVY sarcasm)

If Mother Nature was standing in front of my right now I would be beating her senseless with my nice, pointy knitting needles. I am so sick of cold and snow.

ALPHA! Did you just say snow? I love snow! I love to eat snow. Tomorrow will be a good day I am sure.


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  1. Honestly, I am so sorry for everyone back your way. Yet another storm headed your way - wow! We have guilty feelings here - brilliant sun bouncing off the snow white Cascade mountains framed by a bright blue sky - and while it is only 50 degrees now, it is supposed to be 64 on Saturday. The weeds are growing with gusto here!


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