Monday, March 10, 2014

A Bug Study (Part One)

A Bug Study 1

1. This is a dead Lady Bug carcass which has been residing on a window sill for some time. I am unwilling to say how long.

2. I was going to vacuum “her” up today when it occurred to me that I might take a picture of her.

3. I am odd that way. No need to point it out.

4. This was taken with my 18-55mm kit lens from my OLD camera (the 7D doesn’t come with a kit lens, or at least I didn’t order it with one). This is a lens that sees very little use these days. He is a rather “light” lens, adequate but light. But he may see more action with the reversing ring.

5. I am hoping to take a picture of a dead stink bug. I killed two of them this weekend before it occurred to me that I should “harvest” one and let him peacefully freeze to death in the freezer so that I could photograph him.

6. See #3

7. I can predict that there will be a lot of laying out on the driveway and photographing things this summer. And also photographing things in the lawn.

8. If my neighbors don’t already think I am odd then they will for sure think that by the end of the summer. I better warn them about this when we all have dinner together this evening.

9. Using the reversing ring on the lens is harder than you might think. It requires patience….which I am occasionally lacking. It requires thinking outside the box, which I love. It requires a very steady hand unless you are using a tripod, which means that I do not do this right after I have had my morning gallon of coffee.

10. I can predict that there is an actual, honest to goodness macro lens somewhere in my future. I don’t know when, I just know it will happen.

11. I am having just too much fun.


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