Saturday, March 29, 2014

Maybe I Shouldn't Have Said That

Do you remember yesterday when said, " I didn't get sick in Peru".

Do you remember those words? I remember those words very well. I wrote them. I hit the "post" button. I went to do my grocery shopping and getting ready for our weekend house guests......

And by 2p I could no longer claim that I hadn't gotten sick. You know that point in time in the sickness curve, right at the beginning, when you think something just isn't right. You can't put your finger on the issue but you know there is something a bit "off", a bit out of kilter, you don't feel quite yourself.

Yeah, that feeling. There is a bit of rumbly in my tumbly and not in a good, Winnie the Pooh sort of way.

I take my temperature, 99.8F. Well that is just a bit elevated but not too bad. I continue to work through my list. The next time I take my temperature it is 100.3F. That isn't the right direction for it to go but I will just keep going. A bit after that I took my temperature again and it was up to 101.1F. Well that is disturbingly disappointing.

And then Mt. Vepoovius erupted. Oh delightful. Thank goodness I buy toilet paper in bulk.


Obviously I called Cousin Jon and suggested that it might not be a good time for he and the family to arrive for a visit. If it were me, and I was starting out on my Spring Break vacation, I might not be too happy to arrive at my first stop and find the hostess/cook locked in the bathroom having some quiet, or more likely not so quiet, time to herself. Call me picky or something. They will come for a visit in the summer when the plague has moved on from Chez Knit AND we don't have the possiblity of 4-7 inches of snow over the next 24 hours.

Double joy.

And by this morning....HHBL was infected as well.

Triple joy.

So take my advice. When you come back from a trip to a foreign country and nothing major has gone wrong and you have had a great time and arrived back in one piece along with all your luggage PLUS lovely baby alpaca yarn, don't glory in the fact that you didn't get sick.

The vacation sickness gods don't like that.


  1. This too shall pass....along with everything you had eaten for the last two days or there abouts. Hope you get over this sooner than later. Your trip and pictures were great.

  2. Oh, crap! Hope you're both better soon.


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