Friday, March 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Vol 250)


Remember your Winter busting orders. When you are done breathing in the refreshing blather filled air that you have found here you need to click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of my fast approaching spring fever, over to Conversion Diary.

If it snows any more I am going to beat Mother Nature senseless with a sack full of blather.

Last Friday we were anticipating, and not with any great joy, another snow storm of “EPIC PROPORTIONS!”. At least that is what the weather persons were telling us. It was to arrive starting on Sunday night and stretching into Monday.

I am sure there was another run on bread and milk and ice cream at the stores.

And the storm never showed up. It went South, which is what we all are wishing that we could do.

I am so tired of the weather people getting their well paid panties in a big old wad at the thought that there might be another storm. Don’t do that. It causes panic. It causes pain. It makes my head want to explode. I makes important photo shoots get pushed back into April.


I am better now.

Another thing about the absolutely ghastly and awful and horrible weather that we have had this Winter.

It makes it difficult to walk outside.

Oh I can walk outside, even if it is very cold. Obviously my walking buddies and I did that for years. Rain, snow, sleet….we walked in it all. The problem here at Chez Knit is that the sidewalks along the main road are never shoveled between here and town. Or at least the first part of them aren’t. The city does a great job of plowing the streets, and the sidewalk closer in to town is sometimes shoveled, and the sidewalks IN town are always clear. But the stretch that is closest to us is never shoveled. People walk there to be sure, but it isn’t a very pleasant walk. I also do not care to walk in the street for that short stretch. WAY too much traffic for that. I can also get in my car and drive 1.5 miles to the MetroPark and walk there. But that seems to be just wrong to drive there only to walk.

I am waiting impatiently for the weather to warm up so I can do my morning walk OUTSIDE.

Our little development has street lights. A LOT of them for such a small, one street development. I am sure that you are saying to yourself, “That is awesome!”

It is not. At least for us it isn’t. The street light bulbs are very bright. So bright at night that I feel like they are shouting at us.


The street light closest to our house, actually situated between our house and the house next door, shines right into our bedroom window at night. That really shouldn’t be a problem because we have a nice dark shade on the window…..but then there is that little half moon window that is ABOVE the regular window. A half moon window that has no shade on it and will never have a shade on it because it isn’t possible to put one up there.

HHBL and I like the room to be dark at night. D.A.R.K. It is not dark in there as long as that blankety blank street light shines like a beacon for alien life.

And then last week……

The bulb burned out.

Oh sweet darkness may you stay forever.

Which I know won’t happen because our next door neighbor LOVES that light shining all night. Of course HER bedroom is at the back of her house…..where it is nice and dark at night.

I have finally come to the decision that I cannot read or use my iPad just before I go to sleep.

Because if I do……

I will not sleep. Or at least I will have trouble getting to sleep

The information out there on iPad usage causing sleep problems is contradictory to say the least. And I don’t think it matters for everyone. HHBL reads on his iPad while in bed and doesn’t feel that it affects his sleep at all.

Me on the other hand…..not so good.

So I will be reading bricks and mortar kinds of books while lounging in bed. Of course, those books are often on things like mountain climbing disasters on K2 or serial killers.

I love my light reading.

I grew up in a religious tradition that looked suspiciously on the concept of “Lent” and those who celebrated and participated in the lenten tradition.

And when I say looked on with suspicion what I really mean is that if you celebrated Lent then your admission into heaven was a bit on the wobbly side. Of course, if you raised your hands in worship to the Lord then you were one of those “Pentecostal” people and also suspicious.

I would be in big trouble these days I am thinking. I am not Pentecostal but I do raise my hands in worship.

But I digress.

I have begun an in depth look at what Lent is, the tradition of Lent, why people celebrate Lent, is it correct, what does it mean.

I will let you know eventually what I think I find.

Going through inboxes in my email accounts.

I think I can safely delete emails from 2007.

Of course, the minute I do that then I will need one of them.

I love to live dangerously.

As has become my tradition, and because I always seem to run out of things to say by the time I get to #7, here are some of my Instagram photos for this past week. Come and find me over there. I am… you might guess @stopherknitting

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  1. Am most anxious to hear your take on Lent. On Ash Wednesday evening Tramp 1 informed me that he gave up alcohol for Lent. I was sort of aghast at his decision. We just picked up some really good beers we have been wanting to sample. And we are in two wine clubs and both have pick up parties in March.... Am going to lay in a good supply of chocolate to replace the alcohol - I think he is going to need it!! (Me, too!)

  2. I'm anxious to hear your take on Lent too. I grew up in a church that felt the same way about Lent and the whole hands thing.

  3. I'm anxious to hear your take on Lent as well! Course, I'm also waiting to hear your take on reading Harry Potter and how you reconcile that with your Christian beliefs (and SOOOOO not being judgmental. Just trying to figure some things out. I know Christians who are so very very against HP and I respect your beliefs. Thanks!!!)


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