Tuesday, December 24, 2013

That Toddling Town



The CityThat Never Sleeps

Guess where we have been enjoying ourselves. Well, actually we hunkered down inside yesterday because none of us, including the "New Yorker", Cartoon Girl, really wanted to hoof it around the city in the rain. We are whimps.

And it was raining....a lot.

We did venture into the city in the evening to go and have dinner at the home of HHBL's sister and her family. Food! Wine! Cheese! Oh the cheese. Seriously folks, these people know their cheeses. We had been steadily working our way through Brie and cheddar and Parmesean and Blue plus some others that I wasn't sure about.

And then The Norwegian cracked open the cheese that sort of looked like a Brie on the outside.....but when you cut into it the round just sort of collapsed into a mass of glorious, buttery, heart attacky cheesiness that oozed out over the cheese board and onto the table, necessitating us to have to scoop it up onto Water crackers and consume it.

It was life altering.

No one could remember the actual name of the runny cheese so I will just have to start testing various cheeses when we are back in The Frozen Northeast Ohio. I MUST know.

The rest of the meal was fabulous, as I knew it would be. The Norwegian always cooks something unusual for us. Last time we were visiting it was Cuttlefish. Did you know you can eat those? It was a whole HECK of a lot of work to prepare them which means that I will not be cooking them...ever. But it was good to be able to add it to "Debbie's list of unusual things she has eaten". This year it was a fresh ham PLUS the cracklings (nomnomnomnom) as well as a sweet and sour cabbage dish with a Norwegian name that I could neither pronounce or spell. But I could eat it...two helpings of it actually. Dessert as Cloudberries in whipped cream. Oh be still my beating (for the time being) heart. We felt privileged to have the cloudberries as they are not normally found in the USA without some effort. They are not commercially cultivated in Norway and are actually gathered only in the wild at a certain time of year. It is one of his Christmas treats for himself and he shared them with us.

Thank you Bjorn.

And oh the wine. I consumed more than my fair share of an absolutely stellar Malbec. And of course I forgot to write down the name. The Norwegian knows his wine.

And now it is back out into the city today. Hope you are having half as much fun as I am.

But my feet really hate me right now.


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