Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nevah Again!

I do not like spending time re-inventing the wheel. I do not like to waste time. Wasted time is time that I could have been drinking a craft beer or knitting or both.

I drink craft beer because I have finally come to the realization that it is OK to pay $10.99 for a six pack of something that tastes so very delicious.

I knit so I do not kill.

Wasted time means that someone, somewhere, is going to get on my last nerve that would have been soothed by fiber and IPA. And we wouldn’t want that.

And so I have decided that never again will I sync my iPhone or iPad with the iTunes on my computer.


There really is no need to do that. I use iTunes Match to manage all my music on my phone and iPad. I can manage all my apps right on my devices. The only time I really need to sync a device with the dratted iTunes is when I want to put a non-Audible audiobook on my iPod. I never put non-Audible audiobooks on the iPhone, I just use the Audible app.

Nevah! Nevah! Nevah!

Everything came to a head this morning when iTunes, AGAIN, totally screwed with all of my contacts on my phone. All I wanted to do was to have Outlook add a couple of Contacts that were not on my phone. That doesn’t sound so hard does it?

Oh wait! We are talking Apple here. Sometimes things just don’t make sense.

Duplicates! Contacts put in the wrong place in the alphabet. Contacts missing completely.

Information run amok!

Nevah! Nevah! Nevah! NEVAH!

I then had to spend, on a day when I had other things planned, too much time putting Contacts to rights. Of course I had to be home because the roofers were replacing some shingles that had detached themselves from Chez Knit in the “Big Blow” last month and so I had to be home…..

But I had OTHER things that I needed to do rather than having to fart around with my screwed up Contacts. I use my Contacts every day. They are my lifeline when I am out and about. Or when I am not in the woman cave in the basement where my computer is located.

Darn you iTunes.

And so, even though it is really a duplication of effort (and I REALLY hate re-inventing the wheel) I will be putting new contacts into my Outlook on my computer AND in my contacts on my iPad. That means that my iPad will then seamlessly and without hassle back the contacts up to the cloud and then gently drop them down into my phone, just where I wanted them to be.

Take THAT iTunes syncing.

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  1. I am illiterate so this post was way above my head. I understood a few words. Maybe a craft beer sounds good.


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