Thursday, June 13, 2013

Potatoes and Lettuce and Beets! Oh My!

We survived the “LINE OF STORMS OR EPIC PROPORTIONS! yesterday”. Which means that it was windy and a bit of rain until around 2:30a when there was a bunch of thunder and lightening and then a boatload of rain for about 20 minutes……And then just clouds and gloom until late this afternoon when we actually saw the sun.

But at least LL and I were able to get a bit of gardening done yesterday morning before the LINE OF STORMS OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!

Garden 6-12-13

Oh isn’t that just lovely. We decided this year to put landscape cloth down on the paths to cut down on the weeding a bit and keep down the mud.

It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that it makes everything look nice and neat and tidy.

Not that we are obsessive about that or anything.

Moving on.

Try to ignore the large patch of weedy ground to the left of the tomato stakes. THAT does not belong to us. If it did belong to us then surely you would see both my head and LL’s head blow apart with the thought of all those weeds.

Weeds that do not belong to us….but are about to set out seeds….right into our nicely maintained garden.

Not that I am bitter or anything.

Beets are growing

The beets are growing happily. They were delayed a bit with the late frost but have perked up. It is almost time to sow the next round of seeds. Yummmmmmmmm.


Marigold seeds are so funky looking. We have a tiny strip of bare soil running along the edge of each of the tomato beds and we decided that this year we would plant marigold seeds rather than buying plants.

But on a windy day and without my glasses I was having a heck of a time seeing where I had dropped the seeds. Who knows where the flowers will actually come up.


We are again doing potatoes this year. We are growing them in burlap “potato bags” made by yours truly. The bag with all the potato plants already coming up? Those are all volunteers that took root in the compost pile. LL and I hate to waste any kind of plant so we just dug them up and put them in one of the pots. I will keep you posted on how they do.


The lettuce is lovely and yummy and just about ready for the first harvest. In fact LL took a bit of it home. I am over run with lettuce at the moment and so did not pick any. I had to pick up a friend’s CSA box on Tuesday and the lettuce therein will not last until she gets back. THANK YOU BONNIE!!!

And then there are the tomatoes.

We planted 26 tomato plants on Saturday.

Twenty. Six.

Most evenly divided between paste and eating tomatoes with two different cherry tomato varieties thrown in.

Every year the problem that LL and I encounter is that over the course of the summer the little name tags that come with the tomato plants get lost. And by the time the summer is done and we evaluate how well the different varieties have done for us….we cannot remember what the varieties were that we planted. I was contemplating this while laying in bed and all of a sudden the answer came to me!


Eureka I’ve got it! Laminated name tags attached to the stakes and cages with zip ties.

And I liked those so much that I am making laminated name tags for the potatoes as well.

And possibly the peppers.

It’s the little things in life that make us so darn happy.

BLTs please

Hello? Is it time for Bacon, Lettuce and Tomahhhhto sandwiches yet?


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